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The Paddock, Bushy Park Road, Rathgar

An energy efficient solution

For the development at The Paddock, Briffin construction choose to heat the 250 sq m homes with Joules innovative air-to-water heating system, which provided each dwelling with energy energy-efficient heating and hot water, at proven reduced energy cost against current market alternatives. Ultimate home comfort is provided through underfloor heating on the ground floor and radiators on the first floor with each floor having wall-mounted controllers allowing full thermostatic control of each heating system.


Smart Plumb System

Briffin choose to install a smart plumb system. The Smart Plumb by Joule is the most innovative pre-plumbed solution for heat pump systems. The cylinder/buffer combo is pre-plumbed, wired and commissioned before it leaves the factory. The buffer / low loss header acts as an intermediary vessel for the heating system which helps system flow rate and defrost cycling and an all round more efficient system. With the cylinder sitting over the buffer tank the foot print has been greatly reduced. The control wires are all hidden behind the cable cover.

Running Cost

  • Built-in energy monitoring
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For a heat pump system like the one installed at The Paddock every 1 kWh of energy input = 4 kWh in energy output. This is an energy efficiency ratio of more than 400%, which is far superior to high energy efficiency boiler systems. Think about it like this: For every one euro of electricity you put in to a heat pump you get four euro worth of heat back.

The great thing about the Samsung Joule heat pump system is you can easily see live energy performance figures from the controller and if you install the WIFI upgrade you can see it on your phone. So the information will always be on hand.

Service & Maintenance

Joule’s heat pump maintenance package entitles you to an annual maintenance visit, during which our engineer will ensure that your Samsung heat pump supplied by Joule is operating within the optimum conditions to maximise energy efficiency. Any potential issue can be dealt with by a Joule engineer. You will also be entitled to a discount on the cost of spare parts and labour.

From as little as £360 Inc VAT per year.  All Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps supplied by Joule must be serviced annually to validate the product warranty under the terms of the EUW1 agreement.

Training & Support

Joule’s commitment to support is demonstrated with the level of training provided. Joule run regular training courses for installers to attend. This allows the installer a chance to talk directly with Joule’s experienced technical team and answer any questions that they may have. With a nationwide network of service engineers to further enhance our support offering, help is always on hand.

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