Review Customers Requirements and System Goals

This part of the project is key for a successful project delivery.

• Customers requirements
• Building regulation requirements
• Available capital
• Running costs

Underfloor heating or radiators. Both options have their advantages but in the main underfloor heating is a better partner to an efficient renewable heating system but this is not to say that radiators do not meet the necessary requirements and particularly with Joule’s modern, efficient and attractive aluminum radiators.


Prepare a unique design based on the dwellings loads

After the system scope has been established Joule’s engineers carry out calculations to determine the system size and loading. A unique file is created for your project for any further correspondence in relation to the project. Our design engineers, all of whom hold bachelors degree’s in either mechanical, electrical or energy engineering, also use a range of tools in preparing your system design including solar simulation software for estimating the output of a solar system in a given location across the country.

Calculations are carried out to determine the total annual load of your dwelling so that a correctly sized heat pump or biomass boiler can be determined. The dwelling is then split into zones such as upstairs and downstairs if radiators are being used or split by room if underfloor heating is being used. A system diagram (schematic) is then produced so that all parties involved in the project can see what type of system has been selected.


Manufacture and assemble the system in-house prior to dispatching to your site

The key advantage Joule have for its customers is our ability to manufacture and assemble your systems key components in-house prior to dispatching the system to your site. This ensures that the unit is expertly built, assembled and programmed. This division of the Joule business is core to our delivery of this service. The engineers working in this division have combined experience in control wiring, pipe fitting, welding. The master craftsmen ensure that your product is assembled with the precision and quality that you would expect from leading manufacturer with 30 years experience operating in this market. The system is then packaged and placed in our distribution network awaiting delivery to your site at a time that suits your project schedule.


Commission and Hand Over

When our work is complete we ensure that you and your installer have all the relevant documentation complete the handover. When the job is complete you can be happy in the knowledge of knowing that a large team of Joule staff have worked hard to ensure that everything comes together to deliver to you another successful project.