Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Joule understands and acknowledges to apply progressive Corporate Social Responsibility into daily business operations in order to meet expectations of customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, investors, the environment and community.

We recognise having high standards of CSR and an attitude to continuously commit to improve these standards help capture opportunities and avoid risks that can occur.


We take pride in assuring customers receive our values of excellence through our service and our products. We uphold our values of learning, excellence, innovation and a disciplined approach.


At Joule our products are designed to be eco-friendly and have as little impact on the environment as possible. Within the organisation we either recycle or re use waste where we can and are committed to maintaining being environmentally friendly.


Working with local communities encourages dialogue for mutual benefit. Supporting local organisations, colleges, events and activities on a national basis is something we encourage throughout the organisation. Running regular training programmes allows us to educate and give back to the community and industry.


We believe that every employee at Joule contributes to the customer and product journey. Training and developing employees within the heart of Joule allows all employees to build their career through a personal development process.

We operate an equalities policy for all employees both present and future employees and we shall continue to build a diverse work place. Providing a clean, healthy and safe working environment for all our employees is a core value.