Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy Manual



We will manage all processes in a responsible manner that minimises potential environmental and health impacts and fully considers the following: – relevant environmental legislation and regulations, legal requirements, relevant government policies, ethical trading, sustainability, process alternatives and customer expectations and concerns.


This policy has been enacted by Joule Hot Water Systems UK Limited to continuously reduce the environmental impact on the site and surrounding areas for all employees and neighbours. We will continue to meet all current legal and future requirements.


The required environmental standards can best be achieved within the framework of a comprehensive Environmental Management System which meets, as a minimum standard, the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001.


The Management Team will ensure that an effective Environmental System is in place, supported by the necessary resources and that this policy is known and communicated to all employees, neighbours and stakeholders.


This policy shall apply to all personnel.


All employees shall be responsible for implementing this policy and any procedures developed under this policy.


This policy will be implemented by, investing in plant that offers an environmental benefit, the use of processes, materials and products that reduce or control pollution, the safe disposal of waste, recycling where possible, energy efficiency, fuel efficiency and the reduction of chemicals used on site(s). We shall maintain records of all waste disposal activities and shall only use approved methods and companies.


The Environmental Policy and Environmental Objectives are reviewed for continuing suitability at the regular Management Review meetings.


D Klages


David Klages

Managing Director

Issue No. 1
                             Date 28/05/19