Victorum Pre Plumb

Features & Benefits

A Victorum EAHP system Combines the aspects of both a conventional air source heat pump and a mechanical extract ventilation system (MEV) to provide 100% of the space heating requirements and DHW demand for a well-insulated apartment unit. Ensuring compliance with domestic ventilation regulations and when working efficiently, can reduce your home’s energy consumption for heating by up to 50% when compared to conventional heating systems.

The system functions whereby latent heat from “wet rooms” i.e. kitchen, bathrooms, and utilities is extracted via a system of ventilation ductwork to the unit. At the first stage of the process, the extracted air passes through a heat exchanger into the sealed refrigerant circuit. The unit’s compression cycle beings to raises the temperature of the refrigerant. The heat is then transferred into a water circuit and finally into either a DHW cylinder or space heating emitters like radiators or UFH systems. The cooled air is then discharged from the unit and exhausted outside.

Categories: Exhaust Air Systems