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Joule - Samsung Heat Pump Solutions

A heat pump is an electrical device that extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another. The heat pump is not a new technology; it has been used around the world for decades. Refrigerators and air conditioners are both common examples of this technology.

Heat pumps transfer heat by circulating refrigerant through a cycle of evaporation and condensation. A compressor pumps the refrigerant between two heat exchanger coils. In one coil, the refrigerant is evaporated at low pressure and absorbs heat from its surroundings.

The refrigerant is then compressed en route to the other coil, where it condenses at high pressure. At this point, it releases the heat it absorbed earlier in the cycle.

KODIAK Cylinder

The Joule Kodiak cylinder provides improved performance and faster heat up times using smooth tube coil. Pre-plumbed cylinders come complete with integrated hydraulic components and advance controls.

Designed to minimise floor space and footprint whilst still offering optimum performance, the cylinder completely integrates with the Samsung monobloc air source heat pump range.

The next generation compact Pre-Plumbed pack is designed to control the distribution of heat to each zone. A unique, patented, modular zonal control manifold for heating and hot water systems.

Joule have optimised the layout of the preplumb developing a patented hydraulic design while also making it easier and faster to install the cylinder with improved access for the installer.


Smooth Tube High Efficiency


Accurate Zone Control


Easy Wiring


Simple Assembly

Samsung Heatpump

Samsung monobloc systems offer a capacity range from 5 to 16kW designed to suit a wide number of applications, these models offer a viable solution for the varying requirements that domestic demand.

Air Source Heat Pump Benefits:

  • Compatible with all low temp. systems
  • High seasonal energy efficiency
  • Up to 60°C water supply
  • Easy to install – Easy to control
  • Operation Range down to -20°C
  • Higher capacity at low ambient temperature

Joules Riva Radiators

Joules Riva radiators are designed to offer a compact, attractive linear shape which provided a high thermal emission with low water content. Joule’s radiators providing characteristics for a modern dwelling with its unique slim design allows for installation in the specific areas where width would be an issue.

The Riva radiators are made from premium aluminum which compared to standard steel radiators has many advantages such as having 30% more output than steel radiators. The Riva radiators offer both horizontal and vertical radiators both lightweight and robust, excellent heat conductivity, and ideal for use with Heat Pumps.

Underfloor Heating

Joule Underfloor Heating provides effortless comfort, with energy-efficient systems that provide a more natural, ambient temperature throughout the home, and with the widest range of water-based systems in the UK, we have a solution for every project and application. Underfloor heating can be installed within a variety of different floor constructions.

The different floor constructions comprise of solid screed floors, suspended floors, and floating floors.performance. No other coil type on the market today offers the same transfer rate as smooth stainless tube.


ErP stands for Energy-related products. These are any products that use energy to operate or have an impact on energy consumption.

ErP ratings are based on how energy efficient a product is. For example, if an air source heat pump has an A++ ErP rating, it is considered highly efficient because the heat pump produces more energy than it consumes. Heat pumps must show their energy performance both as an individual product and as an overall heating system.

We use Joule all the time because it is a decent product, they are efficient and good at what they do

Nick Cole, Director at NDC Plumbing and Heating