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Underfloor Heating Pipe


Our pipe is a five-layered polyethylene tube using PERT technology that is manufactured to our own specification and composed of five bonded layers and comes in 12mm and 16mm diameter. Polyethylene has excellent properties at high pressures and temperatures as well as being very flexible and easy to use giving it the perfect core properties for use with underfloor heating. It is non-corrosive and has a very good resistance to frost. It is also creep-resistant and has a high impact strength.

Key Qualities:

  • Resistant to frost
  • None Corrosive Materials
  • Very Flexible

Available sizes

Item No; Description Coil Length Pipe Diameter
UP-12PERT-050M 12mm Pert Pipe (50m) 50m 12mm
UP-12PERT-075M 12mm Pert Pipe (75m) 75m 12mm
UP-12PERT-100M 12mm Pert Pipe (100m) 100m 12mm
UP-12PERT-160M 12mm Pert Pipe (160m) 160m 12mm
UP-12PERT-200M 12mm Pert Pipe (200m) 200m 12mm
UP-16PERT-050M 16mm Pert Pipe (50m) 50m 16mm
UP-16PERT-075M 16mm Pert Pipe (75m) 75m 16mm
UP-16PERT-100M 16mm Pert Pipe (100m) 100m 16mm


Our Pert/Al/Pert pipe is manufactured using a five-layer technology. It has an aluminum middle layer that protects the pipe from accidental damage during installation and prolongs its use over the system’s life span. Intermediate adhesive layers permanently together bond all layers.

Key Qualities:

  • Small thermal expansion
  • Resistance to adverse conditions
  • Great flexibility

Available Sizes

Item No; Description Coil Length Pipe Diameter
UP-M16X2-0050M 16mm PERT/AL/PERT Pipe (50m) 50m 16mm
UP-M16X2-0075M 16mm PERT/AL/PERT Pipe (75m) 75m 16mm
UP-M16X2-0100M 16mm PERT/AL/PERT Pipe (100m) 100m 16mm
UP-M16X2-0200M 16mm PERT/AL/PERT Pipe (200m) 200m 16mm
UP-M16X2-0500M 16mm PERT/AL/PERT Pipe (500m) 500m 16mm