Manifolds and Mixing Set

underfloor mainfold

UFH Manifolds

The Manifold and Pumpset are at the heart of any underfloor heating system since they control the flow and distribution of water from the heat source (eg. boiler, heat pump) to each underfloor pipe circuit. Our manifolds can be supplied with a pump mixing valve, ball valves, drain valves, temperature, and pressure gauges.

There is also a balancing valve for each loop. Our manifolds are available for 2-13 underfloor heating circuit ports and are supplied with fully assembled fixing brackets. Each manifold is provided with 1” flow/return headers and is produced as a single unit from high quality stainless steel.

Manifold Dimensions & Specification Data

Item No; Item Description Port No. A (mm) B (mm)
UZM-0000000-03 UFH 3 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 3 193 337
UZM-0000000-04 UFH 4 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 4 243 387
UZM-0000000-05 UFH 5 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 5 293 436
UZM-0000000-06 UFH 6 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 6 343 487
UZM-0000000-07 UFH 7 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 7 393 537
UZM-0000000-08 UFH 8 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 8 443 587
UZM-0000000-09 UFH 9 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 9 493 637
UZM-0000000-10 UFH 10 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 10 543 687
UZM-0000000-11 UFH 11 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 11 593 737
UZM-0000000-12 UFH 12 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 12 643 787
UZM-0000000-13 UFH 13 CIRCUIT MANIFOLD 13 693 832

UFH Mixing Set

The Joule mixing set includes a blending valve, an ‘A’ rated energy efficient pump, and a temperature controller complete with a temperature sensor. The pack is suitable for use with floor areas of up to 250m2 or a maximum output of 20kW.  Available in left and right hand configurations.

The Wilo pump sets have been specifically designed for installation with manifolds and their lightweight design makes them ideal for wall mounting. Featuring a fully ERP compliant, energy-efficient pump as well as a port for an automatic air vent, the Wilo pump set is the installer’s choice for fuel-efficient, reliable underfloor heating installations.

mixings set

Wilo Circulation Pump Data

Description  Para 15/130/7-50/SC
Threaded Pipe Union Rp 1/2
Thread G1
Overall length L0 130mm
Dimensions L1 65mm
Dimensions L2 94mm
Approx. Weight 1.54kg

Joule Underfloor Heating Control Pack

The Joule underfloor heating control pack is a purpose built thermostatic control valve designed to mix flow and return water within an underfloor heating system to a stable, adjustable temperature. The control pack is pre-fabricated so it can “bolt on” to a manifold that has 210mm centres that can be used for a maximum pressure of 10Bar and has an adjustable control range from 25°C to 60°C.

With the Joule underfloor heating control pack pre-assembled in the correct orientation for installation offer up the control pack to the UFH manifold, ensuring that the flow and return bars on the manifold are the correct way around to match the control; The flow bar should be at the top and the return bar at the bottom


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