Evocyl SystemFit Pre Plumb

120 | 150 | 180 | 210 | 250 | 300 litres

Pre-Built and Pre-tested unvented hot water cylinder for faster installations.

Our Evocyl Pre plumb unvented cylinder offers a retrofit solution for use with a system boiler, designed with a pre-plumbed kit to help reduce installation time and a standardised plumbing configuration, with a single or twin heating zone.

The indirect hot water cylinder also benefits from the key features within the Stelflow range, with a wide base to improve stability, quality branded components with a white goods finish to improve the appearance and a 25 year warranty, promising you peace of mind.

Features and benefits

  • Manufactured from high grade Duplex stainless steel

  • Fitted with Branded Quality Components

  • Pre Tested in the Joule R & D Test Facility

  • Designed to be fitted with system boilers

Item No.Desc.CapacityImageDownload
TTPI-S0120-L1C120L EVO SB STD 1Z120L
TTPI-S0120-L2C120L EVO SB STD 2Z120L
TTPI-S0150-L1C150L EVO SB STD 1Z150L
TTPI-S0150-L2C150L EVO SB STD 2Z150L
TTPI-S0180-L1C180L EVO SB STD 1Z180L
TTPI-S0180-L2C180L EVO SB STD 2Z180L
TTPI-S0210-L1C210L EVO SB STD 1Z210L
TTPI-S0210-L2C210L EVO SB STD 2Z210L
TTPI-S0250-L1C250L EVO SB STD 1Z250L
TTPI-S0250-L2C250L EVO SB STD 2Z250L
TTPI-S0300-L1C300L EVO SB STD 1Z300L
TTPI-S0300-L2C300L EVO SB STD 2Z300L