Why This Technology?

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    Why Spaarpomp is perfect for Europe customers?


Why Spaarpomp is perfect for Europe customers?

The building sector represents 39% of Europe’s overall carbon emissions, 28% from operational emissions energy needed to heat, cool and power them, and the remaining 11% are from materials and construction.

To reduce overall emissions, the sector must improve building energy performance, decrease building materials’ carbon footprint, multiply policy commitments alongside action and increase investment in energy efficiency. From a building services perspective there are some key metrics needed to comply with, covered by local legislation. The Spaarpomp in an internal heat pump that provides a simple hybrid decarbonising solution. The Spaarpomp increases energy efficiency, reducing operational & embodied carbon levels.


When there is no heating load the Spaarpomp operates as a standard cMEV system. The ventilation rates are in line with Part F (Ireland, England, Wales) and Part CCC (Scotland) boost and trickle rates. Boost can be provided via a number of options such as manual, humidity or CO2. When there is a heat demand the ventilation rate increases to boost level. The energy is extracted from the stale air and the now cool air is exhausted to outside.