Underfloor Heating System Installed in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway


Underfloor Heating System

Compared to traditional radiators, underfloor heating is far superior when heating your home. Underfloor heating systems act as a giant radiator to provide a steady, even temperature throughout the house. Joule underfloor heating systems produce efficiency at low water temperatures.


Joule underfloor heating systems provide a bespoke design for each and every project. We supply a wide range of underfloor heating systems across Ireland such as suspended floor, screed and floating floors. Our underfloor heating systems are compatible with heat pumps, boilers and solar. In addition to this each underfloor heating system is supplied with a touchscreen thermostat resulting in a finesse finished project.


Underfloor heating Ireland.


Joule provides state of the art underfloor heating with our Invaheat system. Simple to install and easy to use, our underfloor heating systems come with manuals demonstrating everything you need to know. As a result of this we have decreased installation time and lowered installation costs.


If you’re thinking about underfloor heating and want to know a bit more about our underfloor heating systems click here.


Underfloor Heating Ireland

Underfloor heating in Ireland is becoming increasingly popular. A huge benefit from underfloor heating by Joule is that these systems are compatible with other renewable energy sources.


Being able to integrate your underfloor heating system with a renewable energy source allows for increased efficiency. Therefore as a result of this we are able to lower running costs.


Underfloor heating Ireland.


We recently installed our latest underfloor heating system in Ballinasloe Co. Galway.


This underfloor heating system is being prepared ready for the installation of a Samsung heat pump.


Underfloor heating cost.


We have been supplying the country with our wide range of underfloor heating systems. Because of this we have opened our Galway office available to customers to view our heating and hot water solution products.


As a result of opening our new Galway office we are able to better accommodate to our customers needs. Within our Galway office we have a training room available to customers with a display of our energy efficient solutions.


Underfloor heating.


We supply a wide range of underfloor heating systems across Ireland. Because of this we are able to share some of our installations with you.

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