Joule Working With Local Ballyfermot Training Centre


Joule & Ballyfermot Training Centre


Working with Ballyfermot Training Centre is something that we love to be part of here at Joule. Being able help contribute to the students who are building their career within the plumbing, heating and hot water industry is full filling to say the least.


Joule provide heating and hot water solutions to Ireland from hot water cylinders to underfloor heating, radiators and solar thermal. Joule is Irelands market leaders when it comes to finding a solution to the hot water industry. Working with local colleges such as Ballyfermot Training Centre has been great being able to support the students in their development. A copper cut out cylinder is beneficial to the students of Ballyfermot Training Centre as the students get to see how one of Joule's leading copper cylinders are constructed and manufactured.


Cut Out Copper Hot Water Cylinder


The students of Ballyfermot Training Centre are the future of our heating and hot water industry, and providing Shay with materials to assist them in their education is something we are happy to do.


We recently supplied Ballyfermot Training Centre with a cut out copper hot water cylinder. The purpose for the hot water cylinder being cut out is so the students can see how Joule’s copper cylinders are constructed. Our cut out copper cylinder allows access to view the heating coil within the copper cylinder.


Working with Shay has been great and we are looking forward to being able to work with Shay in the future.


Joule’s Copper Cylinders


The range of copper cylinders by Joule employs a unique cold feed diffuser that improves the cylinder efficiency by up to 10%, by allowing the hot and cold water to remain in layers up the cylinder based on the water temperature. This reduces mixing and keeps hot water hotter.


Joule’s range of copper cylinders come with a pre fitted cylinder stat. Using a cylinder stat with a control valve on the boiler circuit keeps the cylinder at the required temperature reducing energy consumption on your boiler.


Joule’s range of cylinders comes with industry leading insulation thickness levels. This further helps to reduce heat loss and therefore reducing energy consumption on your boiler.